Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Circles Of Knowledge

This is something I have started working on since my illness. It refers to the importance of having a Teacher in ones’ spiritual journey and refers to knowledge which leads to self-awareness. Beads are representative of people and learning.

I think I have said before that there is no conclusive translation of tranquilart; both the hidden philosophy aswell as the not-so-hidden manifestation of that philosophy ie the work itself. Whatever I attempt to present here in these write-ups is merely for folk to appreciate that tranquilart does have themes in the work. Also it is an opportunity to share, and inspire one another :-)

I want folk to remember that my work is reflective of me. My belief remains that we cannot truly understand the meanings behind the work as observors. The work is trapped in time; in circumstantial epochs; in an emotive state of mind. These are realms which have "no entry" signboards that do not allow access. I hope that doesn't sound cruel but I have always maintained that tranquilart is a personal arts project.

I believe that we are all artists and continuously making art in our life, without knowing it. With this definition in mind: it becomes easy for us all to accept that we won't always fully understand one anothers work: and that's all OK - because that is how it is meant to be.

Before I start on the Circles of Knowledge write-up: another thing to bear in mind: Our work reflects us.. and nobody really knows us conclusively - except the Creator of you and I :-)

Circles of Knowledge

I came across this around the same time as my Great Reading Revolution of Spring/Summer 2005! The concept of knowledge.

As a teacher I have spent a handful of years in the field of knowledge: learning and delivering it. And I realised many years ago that whenever man plunges into darkness, it is only knowledge that can bring him back into the world of light. This phase is essentially an act of enlightenment: he has been thrown into the dark and cold tunnel so that he can appreciate illumination that will follow thereafter.

There are 3 meanings reflected in the Circles:

1. Learning:

that the Teacher [or Shaykh] sits in the centre of ones awareness of the world: with students gathered around.

2. Priorities:

that God Almighty is the one who deserves to be in the centre of ones life affairs and consciousness of existence: all other things (self, family, others etc) are around the Divine.

3. Garden Connection:

that we are the residents of Paradise and the Earth reflects our celestial attachments. I started work on the cencept of the Garden a while ago, and it continues to give me strength and motivation. Here in a visual manner the circles attribute themselves in floral imitations.

There may be more meanings of these Circles which may or may not emerge with time.

I believe we are limited in our understandings: we don't know what will come tomorrow as a result of our work - or lack of it.

The Circles of Knowledge first appeared in my work in the bookmarks in Summer 2005.

They moved onto cards in Autumn, and by Winter they found themselves in the work around the 'Finding God' theme.

Coincidences don't exist.

It takes time for something to develop.. even Circles. These Circles reflect that humans are similar. We are constantly being prepared through the various experiences in our life.

That man may come to realise that whatever is happening is so, to complete the canvas of his life and not to deprive it off meaning and completion. It takes time for final products to reveal themselves. The Path to Knowledge involves many veilings.

Many things that we can't see are not meant to be seen just then.

The fact that I and many others with health problems cannot put labels on our conditions; the fact that some people will feel insecure, isolated and sad by lifes' troubling acts; the fact that some will have failed marriages; the fact that some will lose their parents before they are 30; the fact that some women will be abused by their partners; the fact that some people will be involved in accidents caused by human error or machines; the fact that some humans will be under the thrust of natures' force be it via earthquakes or droughts; the fact that some people will live in extreme poverty; the fact that many will not be fortunate to bear children; the fact remains that we don't see the lifting of the veils until fate determines the correct point for us all.

And we must also remember that it may be that we never see the unveilings in this life. That is what it means to put God Almighty in the centre of ones' life.

That is why one of the greatest of supplications to request whilst you're a resident in the untranquil zone is to ask God Almighty to show you things the way they truly are.

19 July

Good news -
The Rihla experience was a boon for the further development of this work; on a metaphysical aswell as an earthly level :-)
Prayers this way please so I can share with you all in months to come x x x