Monday, September 26, 2005

Ramadhan Thoughts..

What started as daily emails to friends and colleagues a few years ago..

Then became a 'Scheme' ..

The aim is simple:
A thought a day throughout the month of Ramadhan for people (yes people: whatever their faith) to add to their cyber time during the Blessed Month.

1. Send an email to your Ramadhan Thoughts e-group before you start the Scheme to ask if you have their permission to send them email each day! Some people don't check their emails every day and although we have moved on from the 2MB era - its still polite to ask!

2. Copy and paste the Thought daily and send one per day, you may send the link to this original too.

3. Please use BCC if you are emailing more than one person!

InshaAllah - By the Will of God Almighty it is my desire that this year the 'Original Thoughts' that I had all that time ago (which a keen colleague of mine actually kept on his work machine!) will be accompanied with a picture here (if Blogger behaves).

Why am I doing this?
Never question. Just let others do what they need to :-)

I form the minority of Muslims who don't fast in Ramadhan. Due to a reason or another - I fall into a catergory of people who by the Grace of God Almighty are allowed to 'not fast' thus I endevour in a struggle to seek out creative ways to invigorate my spirit!

Peace & Prayers
Bint-eh Adam xx

Hey World!

Peace I'll be blogging soon!