Sunday, July 09, 2006

Until July 16th!

Myself and a band of merry people visited the glorious capital of Wales: Cardiff.

Some Muslim seamen folk arrived from Yemen to this port city in the late 1800s.. and in 1860 the first Muslim Mosque was built in Cardiff. Some Histoire here :-)

My camera is very unwell at the moment and before it finally crashed out on me - here are some images from the Expressions Of Faith show.

I must admit I was more than impressed with the work of Emma Ismaiel who has a little website in production called Nur Illuminations.
One piece of her glass-work is on the left-hand side in this shot:

I need to email her very soon and congratulate her - we were all very much taken aback with her work. Very different, thoughtful and inspiring.

An image of her work is on this link - you'll know what I mean when you see it!

A total of 6 Tranquilarty pieces were displayed.

Here are a few shots of my work.

Aha - Change!

Yes - these were the first two pieces which I started - another two have since been produced and I will show em to you guys here very soon! .. Or as soon as I have a camera to act as a medium!

A big thanks to my super-duper models :-) I love you all!


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