Tuesday, May 30, 2006


There are things we find difficult; all of us.

It is worth asking ourselves though why do we find them difficult?
What is the obstacle, the barrier or the hurdle in front of us?

Is it really something that is irremovable?
Or is it actually our lack of will, lack of confidence and lack of belief in ourselves which leads us to think that certain things are beyond our grasp?

As I have blogged before: I am not from an arts background academically. And there are many things I have found difficult to do as an artist. The fact that I am not from an arty past may contribute to it – but I think it’s because I, like many others, have an awkward personality and often find it very hard to believe that getting to the other side is easy or even possible. This is also perhaps why I get many strangers sent my way by God Almighty: to reassure the goon that she hasn’t made a complete boo-boo quite yet.

There are two colours I find very difficult to work with. Black and Green.

Amazing isn’t it?

Think of the two Holy Cities and the Sanctuaries: one is black, the other green.
A cube and a dome!

What is more amazing is that when I told a well-wisher this, I was reminded that “every colour has an accompanying level of adhab (respect)”. Wow I thought.

So what am I conveying through my black and green pieces? Simply – Change.

I am also conveying where I am at the moment as a human being; as an entity on Planet Earth; as a child of Adam Alaislam. For I believe that our expression in whatever format is trapped within a certain timeframe. We are humans who live in the present; not in the past nor in the future but in the moment of now. Though our expression is built from our experiences from the past; and has an aim to send fruits into our future world. Just as the Quran teaches us to live in the present world but to remember that there is another world to come.

The Black square represents the Kabah. And from a distance we see nothing but black. However as one comes closer to the piece, a prayer niche appears with a trail of butterflies flying upwards.

Here lies a two-fold metaphor:

On the one hand this is symbolic to the Kabah. We see a black cube, a structure built by the hands of man as his gratitude to His Creator. But as one comes to know the Kabah at-closeness, one realises it is more than a black structure.

On the other hand the canvas represents man. It is only when one comes to examine man from closeness that one realises how different he is to what his appearance suggested. We are all like this in many respects.

What surrounds the centre is chaos. It is madness, sadness and a lack of control on ones affairs. A point we all reach, or come to acknowledge. But one that most times we are ignorant to. The roughness on the outside represents mans’ life events; those trying times when man falls flat on his face. Times when man is forced to examine or re-examine his stance on life. However, beneath this chaos are floral depictions which tell man that what he is finding a struggle is really the key to his bliss. What surrounds us maybe veiled in the cloak of chaos but it is essentially this which will lead one to clarity.

The Prayer Niche demonstrates the heart of man. In the centre.

A trail of butterflies from the heart of man depicts the place wherefrom change emanates. For it would be all too easy for man to assume that change is merely external. A trip to Mecca; wearing certain clothing; praying in specific ways and staying hungry from dawn to dusk are merely actions if they are not connected to the heart. It is the connection of these actions with the heart which allows for a meaningful discourse to establish: so that the action is not just a superficial behaviour – but a link connecting the created with the Creator of all.

I haven’t got to the level of knowledge and understanding required to fully work with and appreciate the beauty and status of these colours. And until I do, I guess I must persevere as change doesn’t come overnight, neither does understanding.

Change / May 2006

60cm X 60cm

Currently being exhibited in The Makers Guild in Wales, until July 16th

SOLD: £270


Blogger Rihla 2006 said...

Beautiful mashaAllah, all of it. I just hope that my thoughts won't be a disappointment upon our scared journey, inshaAllah.

8:51 pm  
Blogger Daughter of Adam said...


Scared Journey :-)


No scary journeys please :-P

Wsalam, duas x x

11:19 pm  
Blogger Baraka said...

Subhan-Allah, beautiful thoughts and creation.

9:10 pm  

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